Covid Policies and Procedures


Policies & Procedures:

  • Kickballs will be wiped down after each inning and pitchers will be allowed to use a towel at the pitching strip to use after each play
  • Players are not required to wear masks while playing or warming up.
  • Players are required to wear masks (must provide your own) while exiting and entering the field and on sidelines unless drinking, eating or socially distanced from one another
  • Guests are not permitted on the fields but may stay behind the fenced area
  • Players are asked to stay home if they feel sick and anyone that show with symptoms will be vetted and may be asked to leave the fields
  • A short break will be implemented between the 1-hour game slots to allow for the prior games participants to leave the fields.  Players from the previous games will not be allowed to stay unless they're playing or reffing.
  • A sanitation area will be provided at the field where players will use hand sanitizer before the games.  Players will also be encouraged to bring their own to use during and after the games.
  • Only 2 persons at a time will be allowed in each restroom.  We ask that those people practice social distancing and wear masks as well as wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.  A sign is posted on each restroom, " use the restroom at your own risk".  We will spray down the restroom with disinfectant.
  • All players must agree to a new COVID-19 waiver during registration.  See an example of this waiver here:

Game Rules Addendums & Re-enforcements:

  • Players will be allowed to wear gloves (normally not allowed due to competitive advantage reasons)
  • Post-game team handshake / high five is not permitted
  • Huddles are not permitted
  • 1st base includes a safety base that will be placed further than usual away from 1 st base ensuring a safe distance between the runner & 1 st baseman
  • Players will not be allowed to stand next to one another in the field and may only be next to each other when a play is being made
  • The kicker and catcher will be separated at the kicking box and may not stand next to each other to start if at all possible
  • Teams with reffing duty will be required to send no more than 2 refs
  • This season only: teams need a minimum of 3 ladies to play the field.  Teams that play 3 ladies in the field must have a total of 10 players in the field.  Teams with 4 or more ladies in the field can play with up to 11 in the field.  All present players must be in the kickball lineup as usual.

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