Terms & Conditions

Ultra Coed Sports (UCS) and it's affiliates do not issue refunds except in the case where the season in question does not run. Please do not register if you feel there is a chance that your personal circumstances may change.

Additionally we do not allow player swap outs once the season starts. Registrations are for the individual who registers. We reserve the right to check identification as needed to ensure players are at least 21 years of age and who are who they say they are.

UCS is a social organization and may add players to your team to balance out the league. UCS has the final say in all team makeupâ??s and sizes. We do our best to balance out teams taking into consideration your concerns. Teams generally consist of at least 18 players and usually have a minimum of 8 females, that's why we call ourselves coed! UCS reserves the right to move players to other teams or remove them from the league entirely without refund do to incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct at the fields, sponsor bar and related events. Participants are expected to act in a mature and respectable manor towards others at all times.

Rain outs and other unforeseen circumstances may occur causing us to cancel games. We work with the parks department to makeup those games but sometimes that is not possible. UCS is not obligated to offer refunds or credits due to game cancellations or location changes.

By registering you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined by UCS and understand that you will not receive a refund after I pay unless the season is canceled.

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